Tips for watering the garden during summer

Tips for watering the garden during summer

Watering the garden during summer can be quite a task, especially if the weather is particularly hot and dry for long spells. If you are growing on sandy soil it can be very hard to retain moisture and if you are growing in containers they can dry out really quickly in hot weather. Watering is essential to keep gardens thriving and as the climate changes and warms up throughout the year, rainwater collection and planting for dryer environments will become very important. 


Watering the garden during summer if you grow in containers 

Containers are perfect to grow in small spaces or to jazz up a patio and entrance. So many plants can be chosen from a huge variety available. However, during the summer months when things warm up containers will need plenty of water, probably every day. Some people prefer to water in the morning time and others in the evening, but either way, don’t water during the day because the soil will dry out too quickly and plants can even get sun-scorched. 


Keeping things fresh when watering the garden during the summer

If you have a large garden with a lawn and borders, it may need a lot of water throughout the summer months. Of course, you can use your outside tap and hose but water saving is imperative and the best way to water your garden is with collected rainwater. You can use downpipes into water butts from your shed or greenhouse and now there are many inventive rainwater harvesting systems that collect and drip feed your borders. 


Mulch will help to minimise the need for watering the garden during summer

Especially if you have sandy soil but any soil will benefit from a good layer of mulch. Mulching helps to suppress weeds which compete with plants for water, nutrients and light plus it feeds the soil and retains moisture which is key. If you have borders well mulched you will find there may not be the need to water quite so often in the dryer months. There are many different mulches available so you can pick what best suits your garden and soil. 


Watering your garden during summer with the plants in mind

Remember to water your plants according to their needs. Some will need far more water than others so if you have drought-tolerant plants amongst water-thirsty plants, focus on the ones that need the moisture more. This will help to save water and keep things healthy throughout the year. Don’t forget to keep the leaves dry and only water at the base of the plants so the water is soaked into the soil where the roots are which is the essential place for the plant to enjoy a drink. 

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