Guide to attending and being inspired at a garden show

Guide to attending and being inspired at a garden show

The garden show season gets going every year in April and apart from the few over the Winter months, it is the time to get some amazing inspiration from the shows for your own garden. However, there are so many shows around the country, which one should you attend and if you only have a day to visit, how do you fit it all in? Our tips below should give you a good guide to the shows and ideas for planning your day.


Travel is key when you choose which garden show to attend

Are you happy to travel far and wide or would you rather stay close to home? There are plenty of shows to choose from so there's no need to miss out. Many County shows also include flower and garden areas along with local horticultural societies if you want to stay closer to home. If you are going to travel further, consider the time it will take and also how long you will be at the show. Most are so huge that it will be a full day out and in the heat of the summer, it can also be quite tiring. So if you do travel further, why not make a few days of it and treat yourself.


Have a plan before you visit a garden show

Every flower and garden show is different and you will be able to access a map and all of the information needed before the show. So you will have plenty of time to put a plan together of what you would like to see first and what, if any, you are not so bothered about. It’s really important to head for the area you want to see first just in case you run out of time and miss it altogether. From the grand floral marquees to expert and celebrity talks along with stunning show gardens and plants for sales, make sure you know what you want to do before you get there.


Take inspiration from the show gardens at a garden show

The show gardens are there to show creativity, plants, hard landscaping and just what you could achieve yourself at home, even if it is on a smaller scale. Some show gardens are to promote a charity or to push a serious message out there to all. They can be really inspirational so make sure you do spend plenty of time admiring them. Inspiration can be taken from many aspects of a show garden from the planting, trends, accessories to the colour scheme and theme. They are a great way to get you thinking about your own space so take lots of photos to remind you when you get home!


If you’ve been inspired by a garden show and looking for plants to fill your space, we are sure to have plenty and our friendly staff can help you if needed.