Home trend: 4 x stair and hallway decoration

Stairs DecorationThe entrance to your home and the hall is a major part of the home. It’s what you see when you get home from a day’s work, its where visitors enter and the staircase is the entrance to your bedrooms and time to relax. So all of that space should be maximised and can be spruced up with gorgeous plants to make inviting spaces to suit your house style. Have a read of some of our ideas below to see if you are inspired to create something special with your stairs and hallway.


Decorate the stairs with plants

If your stairs aren’t too narrow, there should be plenty of room to put up some shelving to suit your home colours. From wooden shelves to metal or white, there are so many options to choose from. Once your shelves are up, choose some plants suitable for the amount of light they will get and place them on your shelves. Trailing plants look great in this kind of situation but also Cacti and others that you like.


Frames on the walls to decorate the stairs and hallway with plants

Yes, you read that right! Frames are a great way to display plants and there are some really funky ones available. You can find moss frames which consist of different colour moss and items from nature, to Staghorn framed and picture frames full of plants that look like a mini green wall. They are super trendy and will be eye-catching as you enter the hall or walk up the stairs. You could even try to make your own.


Hallway DecorationVases of flowers hit the spot to decorate the hallway with plants

Sometimes simple really is best and especially if you are short on space, one of the best ways to decorate a hallway is with flowers.  Pick a contrasting colour vase to your hallway drawers or sideboard and fill it with large luxurious cut flowers like lilies or bright roses. If you’d prefer to go simple cut stems with blossom or Eucalyptus or a single rose can look stunning. You can choose your style.


Decorate the stairs and hallway with accessories

Once you’ve decided on shelves, cupboards and plants don’t forget the finishing touches. Photographs can be added up the stairs on the shelves between plant pots or in the hall, use a blank wall to frame photos or drawings of plants and nature themes. This will provide a relaxing place to be and a great welcome home. You could always add a motivational quote on print by your vase of flowers to look at as you pass to remind you of something precious.

From pots to plants and everything in between, let us inspire you with our range, perfectly suited to decorating your stairs or hallways and visit us in store.