Guide to starting a herb garden

Having your own herb garden is a great way to not only have an attractive space and help wildlife but also to provide you with herbs for your own cooking and wellbeing. Starting your own herb garden is really easy and can be adapted to suit any size area that you have, from windowsills to patios and larger gardens. Herbs are incredibly adaptive and rewarding plants to work with.


Choose the location where you want to start a herb garden

To grow a herb garden of any size you will need some sun and good drainage. So decide if you are going to create a herb garden on your windowsill or outside in the garden and choose how you would like it to look. If you are growing on a windowsill you could use recycled cans, pots or other containers. If you are growing on a patio, large containers with different herbs in can look really nice and if you are growing in beds and borders, decide on the size you have to plant up and prepare the soil to suit.


Plan what you want to grow before starting a herb garden

Guide to staring a herb garden Growing herbs is very rewarding as they quickly establish and provide a productive harvest. So make the most of the space you have to start your herb garden, think about the herbs that you are most likely to use in your cooking, for garnishes or for homemade toiletries and medicines. After this, if you still have enough room why not try something totally different to see how it goes and what it is like. There are so many herbs available but these ones are very easy to grow:

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Sage


To start your herb garden, sow seeds or buy plants

When you have planned your herb garden it will be time to decide if you will grow herbs from seeds or purchase ready grow herbs from the garden centre. Seeds is a cheaper option but you will need space, light, warmth and patience. It's very rewarding to do. But, if you would like to get started with planting straightaway then plants already established in pots is a great way to get instant impact in your new herb garden.


Time to plant out your herbs to start your herb garden

Whether you have sown your own seeds which have grown into strong plants or picked some already container grown herbs, when its time to plant out, make sure the soil is well drained and place your plants where you would like them to grow. Then when you are happy with the arrangement, use your trowel to dig the planting hole and water in well... 

From plenty of seed varieties to container grown herbs and accessories needed to start your herb garden, we have everything you’ll need in store!