Outdoor style: Cottage Garden

Outdoor style: Cottage Garden

A cottage style garden is a desirable garden with its informal design and dense planting. Known for borders full of flowers from Roses to Salvias, packed full of colours, textures and fragrance. Originally cottage gardens were planted by families that had little land who just wanted to provide food for the family and herbs for medicines. Vegetables and fruit are often planted alongside ornamentals as well. Later, the cottage garden style was used by gentry and the original designs were packed full of flowers to create the dreamy gardens we know and love to this day. Here are some ideas to create your own cottage style garden.


Plant densely to create a cottage style garden

One of the key things to do when creating this kind of garden is to plant plenty of plants! It’s a gardeners dream. This way of planting gives borders a full look of colours and textures with a variety of different plants. It also helps to keep weeds at bay because the border is well covered in desirable plants rather than weeds finding their way through. Planting a few of the same plants is a great way to create impact but also if you love something and it’s right for your garden there’s no reason why you can add that in as well.


To create a cottage style garden include curved edges

Since this style of garden is very informal and relaxed, almost romantic, it needs curves. Pathways and lawn edges with curves will take you on a wandering path through the garden as you enjoy all of the plantings around. You could use soft paving such as gravel or wood chip, but bricks and stone work really well in this kind of garden.


Fun hard landscaping to help you create the cottage style garden

A cottage garden just would not be the same without some fun, whimsical elements added in. The classic cottage garden requires a wooden picket fence in natural or white and some fun statues dotted about the garden to enjoy. From stone Buddha's to metal butterflies popping up amongst the densely planted borders. A cottage garden is a real treat on the eyes.


Wildlife is essential when creating the cottage style garden

Sharing your garden with wildlife brings everything to life in more ways than one. From bird boxes to natural food sources and ponds with frogs, homes for hedgehogs and bat boxes, a cottage style garden is a place of enjoyment for everyone so when you are putting your plans into action make sure you think about everything that can bring life to your lovely design.


We have an abundance of plants, ornaments and hard landscaping materials to make your dream cottage style come true, come along and we can even help you choose what suits your garden.