DIY: indoor mini garden

DIY: indoor mini garden

Creating your own mini garden is really easy and great fun for all ages. Children love to make mini gardens as there is something whimsical and magical about them and they can look fantastic inside the house or outside on a patio, depending on the plants you pick. It is an opportunity to create a mini garden with a theme of your choice and get creative as you like. So grab your favourite little plants and accessories to put up a mini garden of your dreams.  


What do you need to create a DIY mini garden

  • Container
  • An appropriate potting mix
  • Shingle or stones
  • Plants
  • Fun accessories such as fairy houses or mini sculptures


Create your own mini garden with fairies

A fun DIY project is creating a mini garden in a pot that looks like a magical fairy world. It’s an ideal project for children especially and can keep them occupied for hours! Choose a large container and add a layer of something to allow good drainages, such as broken ceramic pots or stones. Then add the relevant compost for the type of plants you will be growing. Fairy gardens look lovely with a variety of succulents and a fairy house hiding behind the larger plants. Why not use some stones to create a pathway along the top of the soil from the edge of the pot to the front door, in between the plants.


Use grasses and sand to create a seaside mini garden

Why not create a themed outside pot that looks just like the seaside? Get a large, deep container and add in something to help drainage - stones/cracked pots/packing chips - and then some John Innes No.2 before you plant your grasses and topping the soil with sand. If you add some stones on the sand and a few small twigs, you’ll have a lovely beach scene in no time at all! You could even add in a mini deckchair!


Plant up a big teacup to create your own mini garden

For something fun, find an oversized teacup and some tiny cacti. As with the two ideas above, add in some stones for drainage at the bottom and then fill with a Cacti and Succulent potting mix. It’s just as fun to shop for plants, so enjoy picking a few prickly plants and then plant them in the teacup before covering the soil with a sprinkling of horticultural grit. Why not accessorise it with any fun item of your choice. Try a mini bench or chair, create a pathway with stones or even add mini characters to really set the scene.

We have plenty of plants, pots, compost and accessories to capture your imagination in store, so come along to visit us and decide on what theme your DIY mini garden will be!