Liquid feed nutrition

Liquid feed nutrition

Start using regular liquid feeds on fruiting and flowering plants to deliver extra nutrition straight to where it’s needed. Liquid feeds are perfect for an instant pick-me-up if your plants are looking a little jaded, and you can get them in all sorts of formulations depending on what you want to achieve. Pop into the garden centre here in and you’ll find the complete range:

Tomato food is the standard liquid feed, rich in potassium which encourages flowering and fruiting. It’s suitable for tomatoes (obviously!) but also any other flowering greenhouse crop including peppers, aubergines and cucumbers. It’ll also help keep flowers coming on hanging baskets and bedding displays.

Liquid seaweed feed is an all-around plant tonic, encouraging chlorophyll production and containing micronutrients important for plant and soil health. It’s ideal for pepping up plants, especially in the early stages, and getting them growing at full speed ahead.

Houseplant feed is perfect for giving your indoor plants the nutrients they need to thrive and produce lots of lush, leafy growth for that jungly look.

Specialist liquid feeds are also available for citrus, orchids and bonsai; these feeds are finely-tuned to give these unique plants exactly the nutrients they require.

Combine liquid feeds during your growing year to boost your plant's growth at every stage. Liquid seaweed, for example, is a good all-round tonic for young plants - so use seaweed feed early in the season, then tomato food once flowers appear to keep plants in tip-top condition.

Applying liquid feeds couldn't be easier. Once a week, measure out a capful or two (according to the instructions on the packet) and add it to the watering can, stirring briefly. You can also spray liquid feeds direct onto the leaves if you're in need of a really fast boost – you'll see results within hours.