Top 6 ideas for vertical gardening

Top 6 ideas for vertical gardening

Whatever size garden you have, using vertical areas can bring a whole new dynamic to your space, plus it means you can fit in even more plants! From walls to fences and any available space your have, we've got these top 6 tips to get you growing upwards in the garden.

1. The garden entrance

Make the first impression big with a stunning garden entrance. There are archways, pergolas and trellis that can frame the access to any size garden. Consider the soil and aspect then plant with remarkable climbers appropriate for the conditions. Perhaps a fragrant Jasmine or a Honeysuckle. Go big with a mix of Clematis and Roses blooming together for a burst of colour at varying times to keep your entrance beautiful for longer during the year.

2. Choose plants for sun or shade

Many vertical areas can be in full shade or hot sun. Make sure you know the conditions before you plant, which is the same as any planting in the garden. There are many different plants available that can climb up structures and walls, so the options are vast. Ivy will cope in the sun or shade and is a haven for wildlife. There are variegated varieties and are easy to control with regular pruning. Or go for a wistful Wisteria for the gorgeous lilac flowers. There are so many options. Make sure you do your research before planting.

3. Get creative

Upcycle and recycle to your heart's content and think vertical. From bike wheels to tyres and anything you can get your hands on, why not start building vertically with used items you would otherwise throw away? Creativity adds a touch of your personality to your garden. It can be fun, educational and gratifying to make your own vertical gardening displays.

4. Get writing

Do you have a brick wall? Then get writing! That blank brick wall could be home to a very artistic and creative moss writing wall. You can grow moss on a wall shaped into your favourite characters, words or symbols. It is a beautiful way to bring something new to your garden no matter what size and will catch visitors' eyes.

5. Grow vegetables

It isn't just about flowers in the garden, but if you want to save your beds and borders for your perennial flower displays, why not use your vertical spaces to grow edibles. From trellis with Squash growing or canes tied together for your tomatoes and beans, there are so many options to mix things up.

6. Window boxes

Even if you don't have a garden, window boxes can be planted to look so beautiful and brighten up any urban or rural home, so don't forget to make the windows look bright and colourful as well.

We can supply you with accessories and plants for your vertical space, and we are happy to help you decide what is best.