How to ensure your Rodents Gnaw

How to ensure your Rodents Gnaw

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your Rodents gnaw? They love to chew and scrape their teeth, and that's because they incisors never stop growing. It does mean they have to continue to wear their teeth down to a comfortable length so they can eat and be healthy. If they are allowed to grow too long, they will be unable to eat, so it is essential to ensure your pet rodents have the right food and accessories to keep happy. Here re our recommendations to do just that.

How to ensure your rodents gnaw with the right food

Your pets' diet is essential to their overall health, so it is crucial to provide them with the best possible food that you can. Dry pellets can be good for teeth and also try giving your pet some hard-shelled nuts like Pecans that they can chew on to help keep their teeth in shape. Rats can even chew on dog toys that are made for heavy chewing and even dog biscuits as well. There are also food blocks which can be an excellent choice for rodents because they can gnaw as they please with flavours to enjoy at the same time as keeping their teeth at the right length for their health.

How to ensure your rodents gnaw by giving them accessories

There is a list of safe wood that rodents can use as homes, or for fun in their cage which will also serve the purpose of something to gnaw. These accessories not only gives them lots of places to enjoy in their cage, but they will gnaw at the edges and keep their teeth down to size at the same time.

Provide plenty of toys to ensure your rodents gnaw

There are many options for small pets to have great fun with at the same time as keeping their teeth healthy and at the right size. Try rawhide chews and already made rodent toys but also for some fun and for cheap, give them some cardboard boxes, toilet roll holders and egg cartons. Your pet will have some messy fun with them.

Other ways to ensure your rodents gnaw

It is essential to check your pets' teeth frequently to ensure they are at the right size, so be sure they get checked out annually at the veterinary clinic or if you notice any problems. Signs they are not gnawing properly is eating or drinking less and also being less active. With all of these tips, toys and food you will be able to provide your pet rodents everything they need to keep happy, healthy and clean teeth for many years.

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