Flower of the month: Tulip

Flower of the month: Tulip

The flower of the month has to be the March Tulip! As we step over the threshold to the spring months ahead, the bulbs are flowering, and our gardens, kitchen gardens, patios and balconies all start to show some beautiful colour. The Tulip is the most vibrant of them all, coming in a range of colours and varieties there is one to suit everyone and all gardens. To celebrate the vibrant flowers, here are some facts and tips about the colourful Tulip.

Where did the flower of the month, the March Tulip come from?

Many people assume that Tulips originated in Holland, but in fact, they were from Asia and Turkey until during the 16th century they became trendy in Holland. Now, Holland cultivates Tulips in vast quantities and is known to be the worldwide hub for the bulbs and flowers. You can't fail to be stunned by the spring fields of Tulips in Holland and of course the world-known Keukenhof Gardens.

The bulbs of the flower of the month, the March Tulip can be eaten!

Yes, the bulbs really can be eaten! During world war two, tulip bulbs were eaten instead of onions due to availability. Having a slight onion flavour, they are now making more of a comeback with chefs again using them in cooking. They can also be used to make wine.

There are thousands of the flower of the month, the March Tulip

There are over 3000 registered varieties of Tulip across the world from singles to doubles and lily-shaped to parrot and fringed with just about every colour you could think of within the 15 groups. Each Tulip colour has a meaning, but in general, they do mean and signify love.

How many petals does the flower of the month, the March Tulip have?

Tulips look like they have six petals, but in fact, they have three petals and three sepals. They are almost identical, so together they make the Tulip look like they have six petals. Isn't that wonderful!

It is easy to grow the flower of the month.

The March Tulip Tulips can be grown in garden beds and borders plus look stunning in containers groups. They are a perennial plant but sometimes they just don't flower again in subsequent years so will often be treated as annuals.

Get a long season with the flower of the month, the March Tulip

With so many varieties available there is no wonder the Spring season can be full of Tulips from start to finish. Check your variety because planned carefully, you can grow Tulips from early to late spring.

For Tulips in flower and Tulip bulbs at the right time of year, we've got you covered with the flower of the month.

Source: flowercouncil.co.uk